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Unfortunately, you never know when a system will break down, but you can count on one of our heating specialists to help keep yours running effectively and efficiently with regular furnace maintenance checkups. Our team of trained and experienced technicians at Season Control Air Conditioning & Heating will help your system function at its top capability, which can differ from system to system based on its age, make and model. If your hurnace is past the point of no return, then we will work with you to choose a new, energy efficient system that is best suited for your home and your family's needs. Not only will you be able to trust that your heating system is running at its peak performance, but also you can trust in us to provide you the best service for furnace maintenance.

Heating Repair 

Furnace Maintenance

System running constantly: This issue may also be caused by dirty air filters, which restrict the airflow. Your system will automatically continue running to try to pull the air through the dirty or damaged filter. During days with extreme temperatures, the system will naturally run for longer intervals, but this could also be caused by an issue with your heating system. Give us a call for a thorough diagnostic evaluation so we can find what’s causing your furnace to run continually.

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When you work with Season Control, you can count on the highest quality products and services on a same-day basis.  We’re open seven days a week for any emergency situation you may experience. Our most valuable asset is our reputation and we want to make sure that every customer finds the great word of mouth warranted. And it goes without saying that we guarantee all of our work so that you have total peace of mind.  With our incredibly flexible hours and our ability to consistently exceed your indoor comfort needs, you can count on our team at Season Control to prove themselves time and time again.  Please vontact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer and to consult with one of our home comfort specialists.

Even though we are not known for having harsh winters in Southern California, it's still important to have a working furnace during the winter months and chilly nights throughout the year.  If it's gone too long without a tune-up or other TLC, it can be common to have a heating system stop working, but sometimes other things can cause problems. 

In preparation for your furnace maintenance, here are a few things to look for:
Dirty air filters: This can cause more problems than almost any other issue with a heating system. Replace any dirty air filters and let your system run for at least a half an hour. If the temperature does not reach your comfort zone, give us a call, as this may mean that something else is wrong. more about Heater Repair

Tripped breaker:  Reset the breaker and let your heating system run for about 10 or 15 minutes; if it trips a second time, don’t reset it but be sure to call us right away.  There could be a serious problem and one of our trained heating technicians can fix it for you.

Strange noises: If you are hearing strange sounds (banging, knocking, or buzzing) coming out of your home heating system, before you call us - please record them with your phone. Unfortunately, as luck would have it – your system may not be making noise when our technician arrives on site.  If you can record it when it is happening, it will make it much easier to us to locate the problem when we come out to your home. 



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